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ISBN#: (13)978-0-7582-4731-5/(10)0-7582-4731-1
November 2010
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The guilt of her actions is a weight that Dr. Sandra McCormick will carry for the rest of her life. She, along with several other scientists, developed the horror that is threatening the nation, but it was she alone that allowed it to escape.

Working as a desk jockey is not how Commander Matt Sykes envisioned the rest of his military career. But then he also never imagined supervising a band of elite soldiers and scientists to stop a zombie epidemic.

As far as Sandra ever knew, she and her colleagues were working on a bio-enhancement to speed healing and increase strength in soldiers, but what actually developed became her worst nightmare. She now has the opportunity to help correct a deadly and grave error, but the thought of divulging her past mistakes to Matt makes her sick with dread. Matt is running on pure adrenaline as he tries to find a way to do his job, and keep his attraction to Sandra under control, but he fears he is doing neither successfully. He desperately wants her, but needing to trust her is becomingly increasingly difficult when he knows in his heart she is keeping something from him, and it is something big.

Mad scientists, flesh eating zombies, and some seriously hot soldier sex make for a strangely sultry and action packed read. I might consider contagion infected soldiers a little more believable than zombies, but the plot built around finding the power behind it all is tantalizing and mysterious. Matt and Sandra may look like the typical brawn and brain couple, but Matt is no dumb jarhead, and Sandra’s iron will guarantees that she is no shrinking violet. Their passion spills out unchecked and uncensored when they should be focused on survival, but you will love every minute of it.

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