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My Sister's Keeper Series

Book 1: Sister’s Keeper
Book 2: Sweet Surrender
Book 3: Addicted

My Sisters Keeper, Book 3
ISBN: 9781454302742
April 2013
Red Rose Publishing
78 Pages
Mainstream Romance, Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
Rating: 4 Cups

Lena is envious of her friend’s recent nuptials, and while attending the latest wedding, she meets the sexy man who fits the bill for her. After one night of erotic bliss she discovers she is not the only one yearning for a lifetime of Marc.

Marc has spent his entire adult life as a moral man who only gives his attention to one woman at a time. Meeting Lena makes him throw his moral compass out the window, but he knows not being straight with the women in his life is the wrong game plan.

Lena realizes she has made a mistake and despite her feelings for Marc she has to walk away. The number of times she has walked away makes her realize the best plan is to run before her shame multiplies, because with Marc she has no control. Marc must choose before the woman he needs is long gone, but he just might be too late.

The tempo of Addicted is like a beautiful love song. I never felt left out and the story wrapped up fittingly. The characters were so realistic in their feelings it was easy to envision the anguish and need on Marc and Lena’s faces. The inability of both to control their emotions was a wonderful touch to an already steamy affair.

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