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The McGinn Series, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781628306415 / 9781628306408
December 19, 2014
The Wild Rose Press
$ 5.99 / $ 16.99
344 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Rating: 5 Cups

Mae McGinn and her Irish-Catholic will make a brick wall look like a picket fence. In her seventy years, she has married the love of her life, raised a family, and has never kept one thought to herself (even when she probably should). But Mae has secrets she kept from her children, including the death of an unborn daughter in a tragic car accident and the loss of her once vibrant mother to vascular dementia. Now with early symptoms of the disease showing up in her, Mae will have to overcome her fear of losing everything like her mother did and rely on the support of her family.

Libby O’Rourke and her Irish temper are at a constant boiling point when her mother, Mae, is around. Libby is lucky she has her mild-mannered husband, Bob, to keep her on an even keel … most of the time. When Mae’s diagnosis of vascular dementia is confirmed, Libby and her siblings, Sean and Kevin, will have to cooperate to drag her through it, despite Mae’s protestations, denials, and uncanny ability to guilt-trip her children.

They may not be the perfect family, but the McGinns know how to pull together when push comes to shove. Mae will have to reveal her long-kept secrets so they will not be lost forever with her fading memory. She will also have to find a way to live for the present, because day by day is the only way to enjoy life when dementia is counting down the clock.

With a wit and humor reminiscent of Janet Evanovich, Kathryn Elliott weaves a touching and uproariously funny tale of a less-than-ideal family who love each other no matter their collective shortcomings. Adding Lib is the story of a family on the precipice of dementia, where time is still on their side, but so many fears of the unknown are yet to be faced. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. A word of caution though: do not read this book in public. You may find yourself tearing up, or worse, laughing out loud.

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