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ISBN# Unavailable
June 2006
New Concepts Publishing
351 Pages
Historical Regency
Rating: 4 Cups

Ransom Quincy, the infamous Earl of Leahaven is part of the ‘The Devil’s Trio.’ He can cut a man asunder with his sharp tongue then melt a woman’s heart. When he is caught with Winifred, rumors abound. To protect her reputation he offers marriage whether her father agrees or not. But a cruel joke leads to a hasty decision making matters worse.

Lady Winifred is quite taken with Ransom even though she has heard some nasty reports. When she falls in love with him, she believes his intentions are honorable but when she finds herself at the butt of a cruel prank, she feels completely ruined.

It has been five years since Ransom last saw Winifred and now she wants nothing to do with him, no apology, no explanation, nothing but to be free of the devil himself. She had loved him with a passion and all he did was shred her heart in pieces because he listened to a friend to conspire a juvenile act. He has to prove his apology is sincere and he cares for her. Winnie rebuffs his words, not wishing to be the fool again. Ransom wants to make amends. When their hearts cry out to be together, neither knows how long they can keep the other at bay.

A Devil’s Proposal is the first book in the Devil’s Trilogy and is a mesmerizing page-turner. The dialogue between the characters really sparks interest and their storyline keeps the reader’s interest. Ransom can be a cad but also a man with heart. I could feel the pangs of Winnie’s heart. Jodici Belle gives such imagery and lovely detail to this romance that the reader cannot help but feel all the sensations that weave in and out the story. She incorporates a splendid read.

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