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September 2010
XoXo Publishing
12 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

My Dream of Madonna

A shy but very eager young man has a dream that he has been summoned to a personal audience with Madonna. He is given full-star treatment and finally finds himself the sole object of her undivided attention for a very special short interlude.

This is a short story written in first person that details a young man’s fantasy. It is a dream sequence told with an almost child-like innocence and sense of wonder. As with most dreams, there is a very strong narcissistic element that I thought the author conveyed very well though personally, I found it rather off-putting.

An Ecstatic Rendezvous

A shy but exceptionally sculptured young man finds a beautiful, uninhibited young woman through the personal ads. He and Sandra share erotic foreplay via the phone and decide they simply must meet to enjoy each other in person.

Written via the young man’s perspective, this short story is about an inexperienced but very willing young man’s brief fling with a gorgeous, experienced woman who finds his physique and retro clothing utterly charming and unabashedly appealing. During their erotic encounter they each appraise and compliment the other finding their enjoyment enhanced by their doting adulations of each other. This reader was not as enamored of the unrelenting self-adoration and selfish love or of the appalling attire depicted in this fantasy.

I found both stories unique in that they both portrayed the trysts from a very narcissistic first person point of view. I found it interesting to compare and contrast these tales with my own secret thoughts and longings. Therefore, while the author’s musings did not align with nor cater to my own imaginings, I applaud his effort to convey his in a distinctly readable form.

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