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ISBN# 9781454302810
30 May 2013
Red Rose Publishing
296 Pages
Mystery Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Lt. Etienne Baptiste and Duane Morrow are part of the homicide division in New Orleans. When his old mentor, Jimmy, turns up murdered, Baptiste is determined to catch his killer. As more people are killed, Baptiste is being targeted. So it is impossible not to become emotionally invested in solving the case. And everything they find seems to be pointing toward a cold case.

Iseult O?Flannery knows her father has not died from natural causes twenty years ago. She has been determined to find out the truth. Unfortunately, the deeper she digs the more she stirs the hornet?s nest. After hiring Jimmy to solve the case, he ends up dead. Now she has two of Louisiana?s finest on her side.

Baptiste and Morrow think their case starts with the death of a beloved colleague, Jimmy. They soon discover there are deeper secrets and the unsolved mystery of a man, Seamus O?Flannery, who has died twenty years back. When they approach the O?Flannerys and the Dupreys about the cold case, everyone insists that Seamus has died of natural causes, except Iseult. She contends that he has been murdered and has sought the truth obsessively. No one else believes her until Baptiste. He has a gut feeling that she is on to something, and he has learned over the years to trust his instincts.

Baptiste and Morrow are heroes. They epitomize the good cop standard. Throughout the book, they prove who they are. I like seeing honest, brave and intelligent people who want to do right by others and strive to be better people with a dogged determination. Although the story revolves around the in-depth mystery, the author ensures that the reader sees the lasting and loving relationship that both men have with their wives, and how that relationship is crucial to men who see an ugly world day-in and day-out. The author pays close attention to detail, both in the mystery and in the relations of the characters, which makes the pacing a little slow at times but also filled with pertinent details. Even the ending is wrapped up like a pretty package, giving the reader a feeling of justice and liking the two cops even more than they already have.

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