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ISBN#: 9781595788115
March 14, 2011
Liquid Silver Books
33 Pages
Contemporary, Quick Silver, Molten Silver
Rating: 4 Cups

The time that Emily Dawson has spent with the guys has been amazing, but her conscious cannot take a minute more. She needs to tell them the truth, and she needs to do it now, no matter what the consequences.

They knew something was up, but neither William Drake nor Nick Scott had any idea what was really going on. When the secret comes out, their reactions surprise even themselves.

The thought of losing both William and Nick has Emily tied up in knots, but she cannot go on the way things are. She needs them both, Nick is sexy, sweet, and fun, but William is beautiful, brainy, and her best friend, and there is no possible way she can choose between them. William and Nick learn of Emily’s little secret, but William is intrigued at the thought expanding their relationship to include Nick, while Nick is a little disturbed that he may feel the same. Neither man has ever entered into such a relationship, and the whole gay thing kind of freaks Nick out, but the idea of losing Emily and each other gets harder to imagine with each passing day.

Hot, hotter, and hottest respectively describes Emily, Nick, and William’s characters. Emily is the sexy little tie that binds these two gorgeous men, but I find that the interaction between William and Nick completely steals the show. They have this whole love/hate thing going that will fire you up as easily as it does Emily, and the closer they get, the higher the flame. This trio has barely gotten started, and I am begging for more!

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