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ISBN: 0-7582-1480-4
April 4, 2006
Kensington Publishing Corp/ Kensington Aphrodisia
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
Price: $12.95
304 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

After Hours, Night Moves

Jillian Lowery leads a double life. Daytime she is completely business, the most accomplished dedicated businesswoman. When the sun sets and dark covers the earth, watch out because Jillian lets her hair down and becomes one wild, sexy, uninhibited female that wants every one of her delicious fantasies fulfilled. The only thing that weighs in the balance is commitment, something Jillian does not wish, nor require. She only seeks the pleasure and nothing more, until she encounters the dark handsome stranger. Brendan Jordan has no desire to commit to any woman. All he wants is the sex and nothing more. Just form a plan, lay the groundwork, start the construction then get the job done, no strings, no nothing. Of course, that was before he shared a dance with Jillian. Just a simple touch leads them to a heightened point of ecstasy when their fingers caress each other. It is a moment that neither imagined, neither sought. To surrender and consummate their complete pleasure would mean no turning back but it is something they are not certain they can control. Now they must decide if what they feel now is just a passing moment of rapture never to happen again, or a deepening spontaneity that could last a lifetime.

Night Moves is sensual, sexy, and sultry, oozing with sex appeal.

Night Secrets

Tawny Madison and P.I. Andrew Korben both carry information neither are aware but intend to uncover in more ways than one. Andy believes the tantalizing beauty is possibly selling company secrets. He has ways to make a woman talk and even scream in pleasure. The private investigator disguises himself as a nerd to gather all the clues he needs to point to Tawny. But after Drew, the nerd, reveals his real persona and brings out the fuzzy pink handcuffs, things explode. Tawny is surprised and fascinated when she hears and sees the real Drew, not to mention the plans he has for her with those pink cuffs. But she has one up on him, the sexy vixen does her own investigation and learns Andy’s secret desires and she decides to reverse the situation. The two fight an attraction that neither expected while not only revealing the deep desires of their souls but the complete baring of their bodies as ‘I have ways to make you talk,’ interrogations heat up like chestnuts roasting wickedly over an open fire.

Night Secrets is dynamic, explosive and teasingly playful.

Night Illusions

Joyce Donovan is reserved, quiet, shy and inexperienced but that is about to change. No longer desiring to be the girl who never was able to indulge in any of her fantasies, she decides to do a complete makeover after reading some mind-blowing sex books. Changing her identity is one thing, as she becomes Caitlyn, a woman who desires Collin Hart, who is sexy as all get out. The only problem, Collin is not looking for any woman especially the way his ex-wife walked all over him while sleeping with her boss. Then again, if Caitlyn was only wishing a one-night toss in the sack, he could very well accommodate her wishes. Caitlyn is all for sharing some sensual bliss with Collin before she reverts back to her naïve self. Just one night of sex in any shape or form to soothe the wild beast inside her wishing to come out to play is the top on her list. However, one night of taking notes and sharing pleasure beyond words, Caitlyn hates leaving Collin but she might have discovered a way to get past the aloof Joyce while Collin learns not every woman may be disenchanting.

Night Illusions is wild, intense and volatile with just the right chemistry.

After Hours is a book filled with three hot after hours delights. Tales where secrets are exposed, desires are initiated and pleasures most definitely fulfilled. Pitch dark when the secret no more is hidden and where women and men aim for their craving and execute their wildest dream. Ms. Copeland incorporates love scenes that are extremely hot like a poker dancing around in a fireplace stirring the crackling logs. She creates characters that set out to satisfy what many seek to do in the dark wee hours of the night. The sexual appetite is strong, demanding and needs quenched and Ms. Copeland instills three enticing stories where feelings are sometimes not engaged but the flesh is completely willing to quench its insatiable thirst no matter what the consequences. After Hours sizzles with clandestine passions.

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