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ISBN: 978-0-451-23167-3
November 2010
Signet Eclipse
324 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

She thought she knew what Hell was, but Riley Poe is about to discover that her drugged out teens were nothing compared to what her little brother is going through now. Seth and his buddies have unleashed a centuries old terror on Savannah, and now Riley will give anything to get her little brother back.

Babysitting a human female with blood like ambrosia is the last thing Eligius Dupré wants to do. His vampire tendencies crave what runs through Riley’s veins, but Eli the man just craves Riley, and neither bodes well for either of them.

Seth is tumbling furiously away from anything resembling her little brother, and Riley is devastated to find out there is nothing she can do to stop it. Her only hope is the Dupré’s with the help of her Gullah family, and she must open her eyes to a world she had no clue existed. Eli tries to pound in the importance of following his lead into Riley, but she is as obstinate as she is uniquely beautiful. He knows that he can help her, but Riley takes a back seat to no one, and as much as she respects and desires Eli, there is someone else out there playing havoc with her mind.

Imagine being brought to the pinnacle of ecstasy and agony and held there for an interminable amount of time, and you might just get an inkling of what it is to be Riley Poe. You also get a real sense of her immaturity in the way she handles any type of authority figure or guidance, but as much of a badass as she thinks she is, her heart is in the right place. However it is the heat between her and Eli that is so exquisite it is almost painful, and like a moth to a flame, you know that someone is going to get burned. There is no knight in shining armor for Riley, but who wants perfection when you can have something so bad it is good?

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