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ISBN #: 978-1-936222-06-3
November 2009
Wild Child Publishing
198 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Angelique is lives on a horse farm with her brother and his wife. Her father was the caretaker of a neighboring estate. She was fascinated with the owner but forbidden to make friends with the mysterious Victor von Vadim.

Corin is a five hundred year old vampire. He has been living in the same rural area since his conversion, changing identities when needed. He is particularly drawn to Angelique Jaffler, but respects her father’s wishes and stays away.

Corin has lived peacefully near the town of Hixon for five hundred years. His secret is now in danger when another Nightwalker moves into the area and starts feeding on the inhabitants, killing the wife of his neighbor. Her husband seeks vengeance, not realizing that Corin is not the only Nightwalker in the area. Corin promises justice and the hunt turns personal when Angelique is threatened.

This is a wonderful vampire story with a classic tortured lonely hero and the woman who saves him while he saves her. The plot is interesting, with enough action and love scenes to keep any reader happy. The characters are well written and very real, and I enjoyed getting to know them. Though set in the present. the story has a timeless feeling in keeping with Corin’s ancient yet modern character.

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