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Montana Riverbend

Book 1: Late Last Night
Book 2: The Sweetest Thing
Book 3: The Sweetest Sound
Book 4: After the Rain

Montana Riverbend, Book 4
ISBN# 9781940296142
July 11, 2014
Tule Publishing Group
$ 3.99
124 Pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Eighteen years ago Casey “Jay” Brown watched his girlfriend drown at a teenage prom party gone wrong. Now, nearly two decades later, his unanswered questions about that night have brought him back to Marietta, Montana. Casey needs to confront his past, the people he once knew, and the ghost of an eighteen-year-old girl, Neve Shepherd, whom he could not save--neither from the river that claimed her life, nor from herself.

For eighteen years Kira Shepherd Blair has blamed the death of her older, charismatic, and enigmatic sister on the boy she had been dating. If Kira cannot blame Jay Brown, then whom can she? As a child, she saw and sensed things about Neve, things she did not understand at the time. In a town where no one talks about the girl who died, not even her parents, all Kira could do was close that chapter of her life and move on. Or, at least, pretend to move on.

With Jay, now Casey, Brown back in town and coincidentally working for the same organization as Kira herself, all that buried anger resurfaces. But the passage of time allows her to see that he is hurting too. The only way they can find a measure of peace is to dredge up the past and try to find the answers they are looking for. Will what they learn give them the resolution they want? Eighteen years later, there may be no answers to find.

It has been a long time since a book made me choke up at the end. After the Rain is one of those stories not easily forgotten. It is introspective and, at times, achingly beautiful in its exploration of the characters’ struggles to come to terms with their shared loss. No one finds the answers they are looking for. But that is the point of the story: there are no answers to find--or at least not ones that end in a satisfying, convenient revelation. This was a delicate topic to tackle, and the author handled it wonderfully, with honesty and respect.

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