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The After Series
Book 1: After
Book 2: After We Collided
Book 3: After We Fell
Book 4: After Ever Happy

The After Series, Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-4767-9249-1
November 25, 2014
Gallery Books
Trade Paperback
$16.00 US / $18.99 CAN
674 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Like a raging fever, humiliation and betrayal burn through Tessa. Finding her way through the pain is going to take time. Making her heart stop loving this boy will take an eternity.

Every terrible thing that comes out of Hardin’s mouth makes him hate himself even more. If he were at all a decent person he would walk away and let Tessa find the happiness she so richly deserves.

Finding out about the bet is a crushing blow for Tessa, yet she inexplicably loves Hardin despite everything. Begging forgiveness, Hardin swears he will change his ways, only to have his anger blaze out of control time and again. He cannot seem to do or say anything without hurting Tessa, but imagining his life without her is inconceivable. The turmoil in their relationship is becoming such a constant, Tessa fears that it will soon be insurmountable.

How many times is a girl supposed to forgive and forget, cry buckets of tears, and still allow herself to be talked back into the same boy’s arms? Apparently in Tessa’s case, it is an infinite amount. Hardin is a loaded gun with no safety, yet Tessa repeatedly puts herself in the line of fire. With characters this young it is no wonder the emotional drama is off the charts, and while their story is amazingly well written, it sometimes becomes exhausting.

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