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ISBN: 978-0-425-24345-9
December 2011
Berkley Heat
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US / $17.50 CAN
430 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups



The submission of this man in particular strikes something deep within Marin Bryant.

To look at Miss Banks you would assume timidity and softness, but Cole Fleming is well acquainted with the power she can wield.

Miss Banks is the persona Marin adopts when stepping into the role of dominate, but there is something about Cole that changes the D/s dynamic. She wants to know him, but is she ready for that type of connection with a man who could break her in two?

This is a splendid step into the BDSM culture, and you will lap up every word with relish.

The Sybil

There is nothing soft or safe in the life of a warrior, but Ai-kan Fen Jul has found his escape.

The anticipation is intense as the Sybil waits for her warrior, and for a short time they can actually be just man and woman.

When Ai-kan enters the Sybil’s tent, he leaves behind all authority and power. That now belongs to his Charlisse. With her flogger she takes him to heights that no one could possibly understand, but for them it is as essential as breathing.

Ai-kan and Charlisse are responsible for thousands, and in a time of constant conflict, it is so sexy to see them shut out the world and fulfill each other’s needs.


As she once again steps into the cage, Nora is well aware that this time could be the last.

He watches her from the darkness, but the wolf sees everything, even that which she tries to hide the most.

She can sense his presence, and waits anxiously for the first strike, but this time Nora gets caught off guard. The pain is something she craves, but her heart may never be strong enough to put an end to the torture.

There is something much deeper and headier with Nora and her wolf than just the fight, and like Nora, you can barely stand the anticipation of his next move. I very much want to know the rest of their story, and fervently hope Ms. Coi will put me out of my misery!

Each Step Sublime

The shipwreck has dumped a bounty into the sea, and as she heads towards the surface, another sailor sinks slowly to his death.

He should have died, and many would say he deserved to do so. He is not a good man.

Every moment away from the sailor she saved is torture, and she begs the witch to help her. The price she pays however is incredibly steep, and her sailor is not a man she should hang her hopes on.

Bad boys throughout time have captivated women, and although this is no exception, a mermaid is not someone to mess with. Darkness and desire break in waves with every word and touch between these two characters, and the pleasure will all be yours.


Her private life and work life are kept strictly separate, but that does not stop Ashley Burke from fantasizing.

The looks are becoming torture for Nathan, but Burke has a definite line he has never crossed.

One little word and her perfectly kept secret begin to unravel. Ashley can no longer keep Nathan in the dark as to who and what she is, and for both of them the time has finally come.

The trust Ashley puts in Nathan is tremendous, and the risk just as incredible, but I can tell you the payoff is worth every ounce of fear.

Stitch and Bitch

Concrete is an unforgiving bitch, and yet Luisa has never been one to give up easily.

Her life is all about control and order, and Priya has little time or patience for anything else.

Meeting up with the ladies at the yarn shop is worlds away from competitive skateboarding for Luisa, but she loves the contrast, and she really loves being with Priya. Priya’s strict schedule does not include time for a free spirit like Luisa, but when that piece of her life is absent, it hurts more than she ever thought possible.

Combining the studious controlled personality of Priya with the wild and fun loving Luisa is like blending oil and vinegar, and the result is one tasty treat.

Bachelorette Party

Loving Josh is not the issue for Ashley, but that does not mean she is getting everything she wants.

A drunken night in college led to the list that Haven is now holding over Ashley’s head, and she intends to get her best friend to complete the last item on that list.

Ashley is so going to strangle Haven for putting her in this position, but she cannot deny the little zing of heat she is experiencing. She has always wanted to try spanking, but Josh is just not the type of guy you ask for something like that. So she may as well take this opportunity before she loses the chance.

I find it sad that so many couples fear asking their partners for what they really want, when we all know that is the only way to get what you need. Haven solves this problem for Ashley splendidly.

Wicked Wedding Night

He really should be furious, but Viscount Lucien Ransford cannot care enough to reach that stage.

Living with her mother has become agony for Maida Clemet, and so she agrees to the scheme to catch herself a husband.

Lucien knew he had been tricked into marriage, and a little retribution is definitely in order. The man may consider himself a monster, but Maida can tell the pain of Lucien’s past is eating him alive. She may fear the unknown, but she does not fear the man.

It is thrilling to watch Maida be introduced to the world of pleasure and pain, and for her and Lucien the deeper and darker the better.


One night was all it took for Caroline Davis to have her eyes truly opened, and she has paid the price ever since.

The woman watching him stirs something in Thomas Vaughn, and it moves him to act.

Being left for another woman does not surprise Caro in the least, but her attention is quickly diverted to the man standing in the shadows. Vaughn catches her gaze, and when she comes to him the world stops. They are strangers in every sense, and yet their bodies are in perfect harmony.

There is a collision between Caro’s anger and passion, and with Vaughn igniting the flame, the effect is pure pleasure.


Fear, stark and real, coalesces into something else entirely for Myriam, and she wants to reject it in the worst possible way.

He knows without a doubt that she is much safer with him, but Hiro also knows she is too afraid to believe him.

Myriam’s thoughts and feelings are so scattered she feels like she is about to explode. This man, who has no right to keep her hostage, is also awakening her long forgotten passions, and Myriam is completely lost in a haze sensations.

This plot is one that has been used countless times, but I would bet you have rarely seen it done with this level sensuality and sensitivity.


The age of data surfing has reached the level of total immersion for Tia, and she has no desire to disengage.

The one thing Kim can count on is Tia’s sensitivity, and that is just what he needs to test his new project.

When Kim touches her in net-space, Tia nearly jumps out of her skin. He wants her to try something new, and Tia has never been able to say no when it comes to Kim. He has a way of reaching right into her, and turning her world inside out.

The virtual world comes to life through Tia and Kim. It is one both alien and familiar, and just a little bit freaky.



Strategy and execution are imperative to a soldier, and Cole adheres to that mindset in all aspects of his life.

This may be completely out of her comfort zone, but Marin has never had a reason to mistrust Cole.

Cole turns the tables on Marin, and every excruciating moment in his planning have primed him for tonight. This could make or break their relationship, but he has to try to get past Miss Banks to really know Marin.

Once again Anne Calhoun sets an incredibly sexy and stunning BDSM scene. Her characters easily captivate and stimulate every one of your senses. It only serves to whet my appetite for more, more, more!

Rescue Me

The incredulity of finding herself strapped to a chair in the cabin of a serial killer would have Jenny laughing if she were not so freaking terrified.

Three years he has been partnered with her brother, and every day Ian Grayson wishes for more, but he will not take that risk.

The knowledge that he would be back has Jenny using every ounce of strength and ingenuity she possesses to get out of that chair, but it is Ian who becomes her inspiration. She has longed for a man she should not get involved with, and if she ever gets out of here alive, she does not intend to waist one more minute without him.

Fantasy and reality blur, but each amazing moment between Jenny and Ian only gets better than the last.

The Wooden Pony

Six months feels like a lifetime for Natalie Durso, and the strain is beginning to show.

The petite and utterly beautiful woman that Eric Turner meets has depths to which he is itching to explore.

It is pure craziness to follow a stranger home and strip naked in his very well equipped basement, but Natalie does not have the nerve to walk away. This could be the man to give her back control of her life, and it is that which keeps her right where he wants her.

Need is not always explainable or rational, it just is. And it is exhilarating to see Natalie get those needs met.

Kiss of Life

She should be dead, and that alone changed everything in Thea’s life.

The loss of his best friend angers Hugh, enough so that the chance to exact revenge is too good to pass up.

A good friend died on the Titanic, and Thea could have easily died as well, but even coming home and getting married has not brought her joy. Hugh wants to punish Thea for the death of his cousin and best friend, and though he tries, it is through her pain that they both find peace.

Punishment and pain morph into the most intense pleasure for Thea and Hugh, and as it brings them together it also draws the reader right into their hearts.


Pushing him has become a game for Clara, but this time she may have gone too far.

Stalking her like a lion, Christoph keeps his prey firmly in his sights.

They have played this scene before, and each time she surprises him a little more. Clara is his, and for every slight she serves him, his passion grows.

The chase is delectable, and it only gets better with every catch.

Bruised Ego

Every ache and pain only serves to heighten Lee’s arousal, and it is beginning to scare him.

Clients come to Diane to have their needs met, but seldom does it lead to anything more.

It really freaks Lee out to think of seeing a therapist, but Diane does not match that description at all, and he soon learns why. He is no one’s submissive, but when Diane lays her hands on him, he is ready to beg.

Stress is killing Lee, and what he does to combat it is even worse, but when he meets Diane you will savor the sparks that fly.

On My Skin

It is hard for Marnie to remember the last time she was happy, but she knows it has been days since she has been clean.

Watching her walk by the shop Michael takes a chance and goes out to talk to her.

Marnie has always wanted a tattoo, but like so many things in her life, she never had the guts to get one. Michael stops her, and eventually draws her in, but Marnie is so ashamed and scared, she is ready to flee. The soothing sensual quality of Michael’s personality is like a balm to Marnie’s soul, and for him she finds the will to believe in herself again.

All it takes is one person who has faith in you, and in this story Marnie finally finds that with Michael.

Just Say Yes

The climb to the top has been long and hard for Allie Garner, and she is not about to lose that for anyone.

Even during his interview Colin Banks knew he wanted his boss more than he wanted the job.

One night of weakness, and now Allie’s whole world could crumble. Colin has left no doubt that he wants Allie, but she has worked too hard to give it up for just sex. It is killing Colin to see Allie push him away without a second thought, and it leaves him with little choice.

The workplace romance may be a disaster waiting to happen, but when they are this hot, they are too good to resist.

Into the Red

With family in high places Brendan is given a position at the Tournament others of his age would likely not have, but he intends to make the most of it.

To get geared up for the fight Tom baits the guards, and earns himself a few more bruises.

When Tom saunters in Brendan realizes he may be in over his head, but he relies on his professionalism to see to Tom’s exam. The taunts that Tom makes only serves to increase Brendan’s heart rate, and the result is direct pain to Tom’s nervous system. Regardless of the discomfort, Tom sees something in Brendan he cannot resist.

What is it about a man who has dangerous written all over him that just draws you right in? And it is so sexy to see that Brendan is not immune to this either.


When he walked away without a backward glance Liz lost a huge chunk of her heart, and it is time to get it back.

The demons that lurk in his soul are too dangerous for John Watts to unleash anywhere but in the ring.

John knew she was in the audience, and that this time she would be waiting for him. Liz begs John to tell her why he walked away, but words can only say so much. He decides to show Liz the darkness, and what ensues has them both gasping for air.

Liz has one chance to get back what she lost, and she takes it. She does not cower, and it is exciting to see how that affects John and his decision to finally open up to her.

Each one of these authors pulls you into their characters lives, and holds you captive through every kiss and caress. The link between pleasure and pain is a common theme throughout these stories, but each has its own unique voice. With the kiss of a whip and a scream of passion you are submerged into this world of sensation that I promise you will love as much as I do. There is now a whole new list of authors I want to follow, and I cannot wait to begin.

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