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Lady Darby Mysteries

Book 1: The Anatomist’s Wife
Book 2: Mortal Arts
Book 3: A Grave Matter

A Lady Darby Mystery, Book 3
ISBN#: 9780425253694
July 2, 2014
Trade Paperback
$16.00 US/$18.00 CAN
421 Pages
Historical Mystery
Rating: 3 Cups

Only weeks ago Lady Kiera Darby lost a very dear friend, bringing back the sickening anxiety she hoped to have overcome since the death of her despicable husband. Her insomnia, lack of appetite, and inability to paint without worrying over every single stroke, is beginning to wear on her. So any distraction, even one as grisly as this, is welcome.

The request from Lady Darby to help with an investigation comes at a very opportune time for Sebastian Gage. His father’s demands are becoming tiresome, especially when Gage has no intention of agreeing to them.

When Kiera thinks that just maybe she can put her past with her dead husband, the anatomist Sir Anthony, behind her, something else happens to bring it right back to the forefront. This time it is the robbing of very old graves, where nothing is taken but the bones. Asking Gage for help is necessary, even if her heart threatens to beat right out of her chest whenever he is near. Trusting Gage to help her solve the crime is easy, shutting off her anxiety to trust him with her heart is something else entirely.

Working together while following leads and uncovering clues, Kiera and Gage show you how wonderful they are together. It is when Kiera is left to dig around in her own head that my tolerance with her wanes. In my opinion, her constant doubt and nervous anxiety is repeated so often, and at nearly verbatim, it becomes mundane and redundant. The plot-lines in the Lady Darby mysteries are fantastic, and it is my hope that from this point forward the focus is more on that than on Kiera’s fragility.

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