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ISBN: 978-0-446-19530-0
October 2009
Forever Hachette Book Group
400 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The savage beauty of MacConacher’s Isle is not for the faint of heart, but for Darroc MacConacher the wind and sea flow through his veins as forcefully as his life’s blood. He dreams of the day the MacConacher name once again demands respect among Scotland’s clans, but knows that day will be a hard fought battle for his ragged band of men.

The fear that she is doomed to be an old maid is becoming all too real for Arabella MacKenzie. She loves her father dearly, but being the eldest daughter of Duncan MacKenzie has all but destroyed any chance a suitor will ever ask for her hand.

Castle Bane is certainly no place for a woman, but that does not stop Darroc from dreaming of a pair of sapphire eyes that sparkle with the intelligence and passion of a woman strong enough to stand by his side. His dreams become increasingly vivid, until the day she lands in his bay one breath away from certain death. Arabella begs, pleads, and cajoles her father to let her take a journey to the Seal Isles, but landing in Darroc’s arms is her greatest wish come true. This is the man she is meant to spend eternity with, but defying her father by consorting with the enemy may test fate in a way that destroys any hope of happiness.

Settle in for a heart throbbing love story surrounded by everything beautiful and dangerous that is the Scottish Isles. The roaring waves and howling winds only intensify the pounding hearts of these two star-crossed lovers. Darroc is a young man with all of the brashness and insecurity that entails, but both he and Arabella have the hearts of warriors. They enliven every chapter with their guileless passion for family and heritage.

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