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ISBN# Unavailable
Titan Press, LLC
22 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Luke Bowen left home at a young age to find fame and fortune. He found it and for many years he let it consume him, never thinking of what he left behind. That is until his mother dies and he makes an unexpected trip back home.

Luke’s family and neighbors no longer see him as the “golden boy” just someone who has missed out on a lot. Including Alice a stranger who makes Luke look long and hard at his life.

Luke finds himself on a journey of self discovery with each person from his past he encounters. Can he be strong enough to admit the truth to himself as well as his family?

I was totally moved to tears with this story. Ms Whitfield has taken a prime example of what all of us need to do to stop and re-examine our lives and make it better, and written a beautiful story of the heart.

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