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The Hunter's Dagger Series

Book 1: A Hunter's Angel
Book 2: A Hunter's Blade

The Hunter’s Dagger book 2
ISBN# 978-1-61217-558-4
January 2, 2013
The Wild Rose Press
246 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Austin Calhoun has been a vampire for only a year, and has remarkable control for such a young one. He struggles with feeding but his determination not to kill wins each internal battle, making him stronger every time.

Brigit, an immortal wolf, a lykan born not werewolf made, lives in isolation and still mourns the loss of her family hundreds of years ago. Today she runs a bar with the help of a human friend, while trying to talk her out of dating the local vampire.

Austin and Brigit know instantly that they have a connection, and while she does not like it, Brigit knows she has to work with him to find the wolf responsible for some human deaths.

This is the second book in The Hunter’s Dagger series, and I would recommend the previous book be read prior to this one. The referrals to the earlier story and Austin’s change leave you feeling like you are missing something. I enjoyed entering Ms. duBois’ world of vampires and look forward to see where these hunters of evil go next.

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