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The Warriors of Ar’mora, Book 1
December 2015
Christian Erotica Press
101 Pages
Romance, Erotica/Christian Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

With the death of his father, Mahlon’s destiny becomes the reclamation of his people’s homeland. Years of hard work and sacrifice lay ahead, yet God’s promise of a woman who will share his passions keep him going strong.

At rock bottom Anna McClean is given a choice: stay in New York and be destroyed, or accept marriage to a man she has never met.

Praying to God she made the right choice, Anna steps off the boat to meet her future. Mahlon has waited so long for this moment he is about to burst. Anna is everything he desires, and so much more. Her passion, intelligence, and faith are gifts from God, which he will desperately need in the times to come.

It is up to Mahlon and his siblings to rebuild a lost nation, and in this first installment, as the eldest, Mahlon takes the lead. His promises to his father and to God are not just simple words, but a pledge he will not break. Where the combination of Christianity and erotica may leave some readers uncomfortable, it is the speed at which he and Anna unite I find more unbelievable. In my opinion, it does not give the story the credibility it deserves.

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