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ISBN: Unavailable
March 2006
Venus Press
$ 3.98
38 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Alice Delrey sketches the exterior for hospitals. It is her third one and now she wishes she could do an apartment or a complex, even a mansion design instead of another hospital. When Kurt relocates to this hospital, Alice is smitten with the handsome man who has a body of an athlete.

Kurt is an architect who just transferred from Boston. He sees potential in Alice even though she seems a bit uptight. Can he turn Alice the prude into Alice the free, unchained and gratuitous?

Alice believes that Kurt is the most handsome man that she has ever met. When he starts glancing in her direction, she feels sparks she never recalled experiencing. After she gathers with some friends for a little sex game, new developments stir that others never imagined. Kurt wonders does Alice wish to be more sexually active. When the game begins, he and the others urge her to go with the flow and when it eases into an uncomfortable situation, they will stop. After Kurt begins to act like a master in the game, Alice questions where the amusement is headed. Kurt wants to show her about freeing her inner exhibitions. He is similar to a sex therapist the way he teaches people how to dominate and submit. The decision is left to Alice if she wishes to come out of her sexually repressed closet.

Alice Unchained is a story that sizzles with unusual discoveries for those involved. The character of Alice is believable as she tries to come to grips with her inner desires and seeks to break free of her timid behavior. Ms. Belleville paints a vivid scene that keeps the reader tuned from the beginning to the end. Her talented flare for writing is tight and holds the reader captive.

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