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Otherworld Series: Book One
ISBN# 9781615721030/ 9781615721047
June 2010
Eternal Press
335 pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Angel has long worked to advocate for the rights of people abducted by aliens. She has worked hard undercover to research the experiences of others while helping them deal with the trauma of the events. The reason she is so sensitive to their situation is her frequent visits from the Greys have long tortured her nights. Will the new stranger asking questions have a way to help her, or is he there for his own reasons?

Darek is researching a man from his planet that he suspects broke interplanetary interference laws by changing a primitive planet. When his search brings him to Earth and he finds that the man he is hunting had a child with a native, he knows the sentence for her is death. Upon trying to pick her brain for the whereabouts of her wayward father, he discovers that another alien race— one that long ago tormented his people—has been abducting her and others for an unknown reason. Will he take her to fulfill the laws of his people, or will his growing feelings cause him to change his course?

Together with her pet wolf, these two telepathic characters must combat the threat of the invading alien race as well as try to change the laws of his. Will they manage to find a way to keep Angel alive and change the thinking of an entire planet? Or will the Grey race take Angel away for good this time?

Although the story is obviously very fantastic in its handling of alien abductees and interplanetary travel, it manages to encapsulate the basest of human emotions; fear. Angel must overcome a lifetime of trauma to stop a terror that has been causing more chaos on her planet than they previously dared. Portions of this novel were disturbing, like the implantation of alien spawn in the labs and the subsequent removal of the abominations from their unwilling mothers, but the clinical way it was handled kept it from being as grotesque as it could have been. The love story at the core is sweet, if somewhat unbelievable in its evolution.

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