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ISBN: 9781611184471
August 2011
Loose ID
204 Pages
Paranormal Vampire
Rating: 2 Cups

Mallory Sharpe knows that vampires exist. When she goes out with some vampire friends one night, she decides that she is ready to try out one of their kind in the bedroom.

Jonathan Cutler has one major rule about sleeping with humans. Sleep with them for one night and then never again.

Unfortunately for Mallory, Jonathan has broken his own sacred rule. His arch enemy, Cian Ambrose, who also happens to be a vampire, takes it to mean that Jonathan has feelings for the oh-so-lovely Mallory. He has scented his prey and is hunting her down, determined to hurt anything and anyone who has come in contact with Jonathan. Now Jonathan must protect Mallory at all costs, even if it means losing his heart in the process.

A Little Death has a good storyline. Ms. Parrish gives us two fighting paranormal species and one human girl stuck in the middle. The push and pull effect throughout the novel got stale after a while as it seems that Mallory and Jonathan are always circling their attraction and his rule breaking issues. Cian reminds me more of a vampire with a multiple personality disorder than a vampire who was out to destroy anything that meant something to Jonathan, as his mood and personality is continuously changing. This is not a bad tale, but it is one that I would probably not read a second time.

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