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ISBN# 9781771306539
November 26 2013
Evernight Publishing
39 Pages
Paranormal, Erotic, Shifters, Vampire
Rating: 4 Cups

Daisy is a quiet young woman, working at a local bar in a small and friendly English town. She is diligent and caring, with people around her who appreciate her gentle manner. After the sudden death of her parents, she has lost her passion in art, and very little in life seems to truly stir her. When a handsome stranger arrives in town, Daisy’s days and nights seem to be consumed by thoughts of him. Suddenly the desire and passion have returned to her life. Daisy’s attraction to the stranger is inexplicable, as she knows so very little about him. However, with just a glance and a nod, her common sense dissolves, and before she knows it, her heart is yearning for him, just as much as her body.

Dhruv is not a typical vampire. His gentle and compassionate nature stands him and his clan apart from others who feed on blood. Though driven by a lust for blood, he can on occasion find disgust in his own actions, and even show consideration for his victims. Traveling on a fateful journey, Dhruv’s existence takes a dramatic turn and he arrives in a town with little knowledge of his surroundings. His regular visits to a local bar bring him to the irresistible Daisy and his longing to take both her blood and her body soon overwhelm him. Knowing he cannot offer her any more than a brief encounter makes his conscience ache.

As the story develops, Dhruv’s and Daisy’s sexual attraction grows. To be apart from each other in the day is painful to them both. Their nights however, are a pure joy. For Dhruv, the realisation that he must soon leave Daisy and find his one true mate, becomes a painful thought which he struggles to share with her. For Daisy, Dhruv’s mysterious ways are intriguing and she longs to share more than just her body with this secretive and sexy stranger.

From the outset of the story, the sexual attraction which Daisy and Dhruv feel for one another is clear. As the story develops so too do their feelings, but their sexual chemistry is always in the fore. This is a short and sexy read and difficult to write about without giving away a major part of the plot. However, I must admit to loving the twist in the tale. It was unique and inventive and in my opinion demonstrated that the author had given this particular turn of events a great deal of thought. If you love sexy, contemporary, vampire stories with a surprise ending, then this is certainly the read for you.

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