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ISBN#: 978-1-934657-24-9
October 2009
Sapphire Blue Publishing
337 Pages
Romantic Comedy
Rating: 4 Cups

Harriet Ruby is a tour operator. She is an American living in Italy. Her career thus far has been pretty eventful, particularly her last trip to Morocco; so escorting an Italian American family from New Jersey around Italy should be a breeze.

Will Talbot is an agent for Europol. He met Harriet in Morocco and never ceases to be amazed at the way she, through little fault of her own, lands in all kinds of trouble. She brings out his protective feelings.

The Spinelli/Mazza family is ostensibly in Italy to see the land Vita and her brothers left during World War II. Everyone has their own agenda however. The family has brought Uncle Carmelo’s ashes in the form of Cuban cigars to leave in his mother’s grave in Sicily, if they can find it. Vita also wants to find her mother’s family in Florence, but someone in the family is involved in something more serious, bringing them to the attention of Europol and Will Talbot.

This story is outrageously funny and over the top in every way. I do not think that there is a more obnoxious family on the planet than the Spinella/Mazza clan. I loved Vita and her deadly accurate cane and the green-haired Eric, but the rest of the bunch has few redeeming qualities. The scene in the airport with the Italian officials smoking some of Uncle Carmelo’s remains is hilarious. Harriet and Will’s relationship is complicated, since he keeps everything about himself a secret, but their love scenes are pretty hot. Harriet manages to keep her head, if not her control, for most of the journey, and you will enjoy her efforts to keep the group from destroying the luxury hotels of Italy, to keep the teenagers out of jail, and to help Will keep someone from assassinating the Pope. All in a day’s work for a tour guide. Not!

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