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ISBN#: 0312580193
February 2010
St. Martins Press
Paperback/Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Regency Historical
Rating: 5 cups

Lady Juliana Ivers is the youngest daughter in her family that includes her mother and two sisters. She is a gifted musician, and if she had her choice, would rather not have to marry, at least not now.

Alexius Braverton, Marquess of Sinclair, popularly known as “Sin” to the ton for his decadent behavior, lives up to his name by taking many lovers and doing as much as he can to shock the ton.

When Sin goes out into the garden to have a tryst with one of his many lovers, he has no idea that his life is about to change. While his lover is on her knees, a white feather drifts down causing him to look up and find a very beautiful woman in the hazel tree next to them. Intrigued, he tricks his companion into leaving and then sets his sights upon other prey. He helps her out of the tree, and finds himself charmed in spite of himself by her sharp wit and obvious intelligence. However, she leaves before giving him her name. A day or so later, he finally responds to his older sister’s summons and discovers that she believes she has a rival for the affections of a suitor that she loves by the name of Lady Juliana Ivers. She asks Sin to seduce and ruin Lady Juliana, and he reluctantly agrees. Unfortunately, Lady Juliana and the woman he helped and was so intrigued by, are one and the same person. Feeling protective of his older sister and wanting the lovely Juliana for himself, he sets out to and succeeds in seducing her. In doing so, he plays right into the hands of Lady Juliana’s matchmaking mama, and two truly dreadful scoundrels who want Juliana for their own nefarious ends. It is only then that Sin realizes his mistakes. Will he be able to save Juliana before it is too late?

All Night with a Rogue is regency romance at its very best! I got a real kick out of Juliana and her personality, and loved how in spite of what was happening to her she still managed to keep her wits about her. I liked Sin too, even though I did not care for a lot of his behavior, Ms. Hawkins does a great job of helping the reader to understand why he is the way he is by providing his background. This made it possible for me to empathize with him in spite of his behavior. This book has plenty of villains and the author is a master at pulling them from the woodwork. She only hints at one or two of them in the beginning so on a couple of occasions I was totally shocked by their arrival. The suspense really kept me reading so I could find out what had happened in the end. The love story when it finally reaches its pinnacle is spectacular, and the ending just left me feeling totally satisfied. Even if you have never read a regency romance before, you really have to read this one, it is one of the best I have had the pleasure to read. I highly recommend it to one and all!

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