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Caution: These five stories were previously published in another anthology along with other stories. The anthology is titled When a Man Loves a Man.

All the Boys

Gil was eating lunch at the park when the other man came up to him and asked to take his picture. Simon states how the scars will look lovely in black and white. That simple statement leads to a passionate healing for Gil and a ton of possibilities for both him and Simon.

I adored this tale. The emotional pull that Ms. Marsden uses to grab the reader will suck you right into this darkly haunted tale. The way the color yellow is used as a euphemism for Gil being changed forever thanks to how Simon sees beyond the scars was brilliantly done. This tale touched me deeply. What a beautiful story this turned out to be, and I cherished and savored every single word.

Garden Variety

Kyle is staying in the pool house on the Winchester property when Doug, the gardener, starts to take notice of him. The two become embroiled in a hot summer affair until Kyle’s sugar daddy puts a stop to it.

Mr. Bracken knows how to write a tantalizing tale of a forbidden affair between two men. I like how Kyle speaks plainly of why he is with the rich older man, as well as how Doug is described as not being a hot man with the perfect tan and body. The way the traditional “pool boy” story is twisted to fit the GLBT genre was also brilliantly done. What a red-hot read this turned out to be.

Getting off Easy

Trevor Miller is driving when he gets pulled over by one of his father’s friends, Officer Bill Denton. From there, Trevor learns how a good police officer searches for any loaded weapons, and how to discharge them, by the very talented Officer Denton.

What a hot take Mr. Dixon has taken on the fantasy of having a police officer pull a person over and then proceeding to seduce them. I love how Trevor is shown as this nervous young man who is afraid he has done something wrong as it really gives this story an air of realism. The way Bill is forceful and domineering was especially hot and had me tingling all over. All I can say is this is one yummy tale that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Satan’s Sauna

Thom notices Fisk, one of the trainers from his gym, in a picture depicting Fisk as Satan and wishes he could have painted the sexy man’s body with the red paint used for his Halloween costume. Later as he is sitting in the sauna, Fisk gives Thom the chance to show Fisk exactly how hot he thinks the trainer is.

Mr. Gautier gives this a real erotic feeling as Thom pleasures Fisk in a place that gives a sense of security thanks to the repair sign but it also allows the reader to feel as if someone could walk in at any moment and catch them. The blow-by-blow (no pun intended) of the event in the sauna is full of details to the point that the reader feels as if they are the one giving the oral pleasure. The sensation of being included in the erotic encounter is an extremely hot feeling and leaves you breathless and aching for more.


Bobby Lo is a man prone to anger, and when he learns about the art of hojojutsu, he decides to test it out on Mitch. They soon begin to have a fling until a chance encounter at an exhibit about Old Chinatown changes Bobby’s outlook on life forever.

I must say that I did not get a real feel for this story until I was close to the end. Mr. Fuchs gives us a man who always seems angry, and I could not quite understand why. I implore you to finish reading the tale as it brings to light so much and explains why Bobby is the way he is. Once I understood why Bobby is the way he is, it had me seeing this tale in a new light. This is a dark yet enchanting tale with elements of eroticism used in a unique way.

All the Boys is a steamy novel in which five authors tell stories of men who find some much needed relief from other men. Some of these tales were lighter but no less hot, while others were darkly erotic and left me emotionally moved. All of these stories have an element of fantasy included in the pages. Ms. Marsden’s story is built on the fantasy of seeing past Gil’s scars to the man he is inside. Garden Variety by Michael Bracken is a gardener fantasy come to life. Mr. Dixon’s spicy cop tale is a fantasy most everyone has had at one time or another. Satan’s Sauna has the fantasy element of being caught in the act. And Mr. Fuchs’ novel of intense anger has element of fantasy through the main character’s need to show his strength over a bigger man. This novel is one hot commodity to be sure.

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