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ISBN: (10)1460996070 / (13)978-1460996072
20 August 2011
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Fiction, Educational
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There are many facets in working in the field of show business. The job comes with highs and lows, often worth the risk. It is like entering one door only to exit and re-enter through another one. To keep production flowing, there are the electricians, the ones who handle the props, sound effects, carpenters, clothes designers, and makeup artists just to name a few. A movie is not made in the snap of a finger. It takes many open doors to keep assembly flowing freely.

There are various jobs within production, such as building scenery sets or engineering graphic designs. Within the realm of things, one learns things about the actors, while meeting each of them as they put the production into play. The entertainment business is a family that keeps the show running at all times. It is a body, with each member working to make the program its absolute best.

Ms. Strick has done an incredible amount of research to allow the reader to see behind Hollywood’s doors. There are interviews, as well as off-stage secrets of the rich and famous, and how the movies are really created. She even enlists the many jobs she is able to enjoy in the line of work. There are many amazing actors who have crossed her path, memories that will always be remembered.

All The Doors To Hollywood And How To Open Them is very thought provoking. The details that surround the trade are quite impressive. Ms. Strick reveals many facets to anyone wishing to learn about the film industry and its employment, or to the curious of mind wanting to know the ins and outs. She uses elegance and style in her words to make this a refreshing read.

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