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ISBN#: 1606013084
April 2009
$ 5.99/$10.39
312 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lucas Mitchell has returned from Iraq a different man than when he first got there. He is now riddled with guilt over a friend’s death. He was wounded and left scarred. He is a bitter man, not sure how to overcome his pain and be the man he used to be; until he meets a woman who captures his heart and soul.

Joy Kovacs comes from a Hungarian gypsy family that believes in the old ways. They have already chosen who she should marry, a man she does not love. Although she is torn over her loyalty to her family and wants the freedom she knows her family will object to, she follows her heart on a path that will change her life.

The attraction to each other is instantaneous for Lucas and Joy. Although each has wounds to heal, they cannot deny their love for each other. Yet her family objects. Joy does not want to hurt her family or loose Lucas, leaving her with a hard decision to make. Lucas must face his past in order to overcome his pain. Is their love strong enough to survive?

What an emotional story, filled with anger and bitterness, love and joy, heartache and pain, acceptance and trust. Lucas and Joy’s story is all that. Ms. James takes you into the most intimate parts of her characters and shows you the real essence that makes them come to life. In turn capturing the reader’s attention and holding on till the last word. This is a book that you will want to add to your bookshelf. This reader is ready to explore the other stories in the Damaged Hero Series.

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