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Dark Mission Trilogy
Book 1: Blood of the Wicked
Book 2: Lure of the Wicked
Novella: Before the Witches
Book 3: All Things Wicked

Dark Mission Trilogy, Book 3
ISBN#: 9780062046932/9780062046949
January 2012
Avon, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishing
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance; Ages 18 and Up
Rating: 3 Cups

Juliet Carpenter is out for revenge on the man who completely twisted her emotions into knots, enticed her into his lustful arms, and then left without a second glance.

Caleb Leigh knows Juliet has reasons to hate him, least of all because of sleeping with her. If she only knew some of the secrets he has been holding from her, Caleb knows they would destroy her completely.

Though she craves revenge against Caleb, when the time comes Juliet cannot go through with killing her ex-lover. As their fight for survival continues, they find that they can only depend on each other. Juliet begins to see a side of Caleb that not many have had the chance to see, the smart witch who knows how to shape his own path. If they can survive against those who are hunting them, will Juliet and Caleb stand a chance at love or is it too late?

Ms. Cooper brings the reader into a fantastic world full of danger, passion, and witchcraft. On top of that, you have the unbelievable sexual charge that sizzles between Juliet and Caleb and sets your heart racing. I did find myself lost many times as the storyline is extremely complex. I have a feeling I would understand much more if I had read the second book in the series, Lure of the Wicked. Even as I struggled through some of the pages, the intense plot and bigger-than-life characters sucked me back into the adventure and danger that surrounded Juliet and Caleb. I caution you to hold on tight, as All Things Wicked will take you on a ride unlike anything you have experienced before.

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