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Play by Play Series
Book 1: The Perfect Play
Book 2: Changing the Game
Book 3: Taking a Shot
Book 4: Playing to Win
Book 5: Thrown by a Curve
Book 6: One Sweet Ride
Book 7: Holiday Games
Book 8: Melting the Ice
Book 9: Straddling the Line
Book 10: Holiday on Ice
Book 11: Quarterback Draw
Book 12: All Wound Up

Play by Play Series, Book 12
ISBN: 978-0-425-27680-8
August 4, 2015
Trade Paperback
$16.00 US / $21.00 CAN
336 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

As a major league pitcher, Tucker Cassidy is an anomaly in a family of professional football players. Normally his curve ball is a thing of beauty. Lately; however, something feels a little off.

Becoming a doctor has been a dream for Aubry Ross for as long as she can remember. The long hours of both studying and working in the E.R. does not leave much time for a personal life, although Aubry does not really mind.

There is plenty of good-natured ribbing with Tucker’s family, especially when he ends up in the E.R., again, with a minor injury. After the embarrassment of his first meeting with Aubry, Tucker now wishes he could be with Aubry outside of medical necessity. With her father owning the team Tucker plays for, Aubry is more than a little leery going out with him, but a girl needs to let loose once in a while. She just needs to be careful to keep it fun and light, because neither of them have time for anything serious.

Nothing sets the tone of a story like a man brought to his knees, and a beautiful woman at the ready to give him a hand. Aubry is all professional and cool until Tucker pushes her to see him as more than a patient. I love the sparks that fly with these two, and how they have so much fun doing the littlest things. Ms. Burton’s characters are full of such intellect and wit that when the sexy comes along, it is a completely natural progression.

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