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ISBN #: 8-1-60737-460-2
November 2009
Loose Id
96 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Clarissa is the owner of a trendy BDSM club. The love of her life died a few years ago and she tries to lose herself is sex and pain every night. It is the only way she can forget and find a little peace.

Jason is Clarissa's not so lost love. He is tied to her club where he sees her debase herself every night. He is in his own Hell, unable to comfort her or explain.

Every night Clarissa chooses a customer in her club to abuse her. She hopes that someday one of them will finally kill her so she can be with Jason. In the meantime, the pain and sex block a little of her anguish. An Angel of Death is her choice one fateful night, and he can either bring them together or separate them forever.

First, I have to warn any reader that the main character chooses to let men abuse her in some pretty horrific ways. Suicide is a recurring theme also. It made me very uncomfortable and many readers may find it objectionable. The story itself is well written. The characters are tortured and often not very likable. Jason is not a very admirable human being, and the Angel of Death acts more like an overworked and sometimes whiny civil servant than an agent of God. The love scenes between Jason and Clarissa are very well written and tender as well as sexy. There is definitely a lot to like about this novella, once you get past the beginning.

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