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ISBN#: 978-1-61040-209-5
April 27, 2011
Torquere Press, Inc.
212 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Contemporary BDSM
Rating: 5 Cups

The harder he tries the more Andy feels like a total failure. He should be able to take the pain if he wants the high, but no matter how hard the hits come, all he ever feels is hurt.

There are as many meanings to BDSM as there are people who practice it, and CK knows firsthand that not all subs want or need on the same level. He himself prefers a much more hands-on and softer approach, especially with very inexperienced subs.

Andy would not have picked CK at first glance, as he usually goes for a Dom with a rougher edge, but there is something in CK’s eyes that sparks a reaction straight from his core. Their first scene is nothing more than a kiss, but it is something that rocks Andy’s whole perception of what he needs and wants in a Dom. Leery of taking on someone as shaky as Andy has CK holding back, but it is not long before the Dom is seriously crushing on his sub. CK takes Andy on a soul-searching expedition that is more painful and cathartic than any beating that Andy has ever taken; he just hopes that in the end, Andy will not hate him for opening up his past.

There are very few authors out there that do BDSM as well as CB Conwy, and I hope that if you are at all interested in reading this genre that you check out this author’s work. The subtle way that each and every emotion is pulled from the characters is a work of art. BDSM does not always have to be about whips, chains, and degradation, and that is made perfectly clear by how CK leads Andy through the most healing and fulfilling experience he has had as a sub. I love how the roles as well as the rules flex to fit the characters and their needs at any given point throughout this story, and if you enjoy this story as much as I have, check out “A Russian Bear” by CB Conwy. It is just as awesome.

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