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ISBN: 9781595788320
May 2011
Liquid Silver Books
38 Pages
Fantasy, Erotic, Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Jace Weston is a dedicated member of the Universal Guard on assignment to catch a fugitive. He never expects to have to chase him into the harem of a royal palace, or to have him escape and take hostage a young princess from a rival kingdom.

Princess Tamara has spent her entire life knowing she would have to wed the unpleasant prince of the neighboring kingdom. When political turmoil breaks her betrothal she is elated, until an unknown illness begins attacking her people. Now she has become a tool in the negotiations for a cure.

When the outbreak of an unidentifiable illness threatens her kingdom, Princess Tamara is sent to seal the deal for a cure between the rival kingdoms. When the Prince reneges on his side of the deal, she refuses his advances and is thrown in the palace harem to become a play thing for the guards. Getting kidnapped by a fugitive of the Universal Guard is not a part of her escape plans. But when Commander Jace Weston comes to the rescue, Tamara may have found an ally to escape her fate.

Jace and Tamara are great characters. I really enjoyed the fact that we started in Jace’s point of view and then eventually switched to Tamara. Most stories today focus on the female perspective more than the male. I also loved that it was Tamara that pursued Jace, even using an aphrodisiac on him to get him to stop resisting. The only part that I did not like was some of the scenes at the end where a lot of details were glossed over. It almost seemed like the author was done with the story and was just trying to wrap things up quickly.

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