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Council of Wolves Book 1
ISBN#: 9781927859254
January 2014
Forever More Publishing
244 Pages
Erotic Paranormal/Werewolf Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Tala Daciana is a werewolf… and so much more. Unlike other werewolves, Tala has special gifts that only alphas are supposed to have. When she was seventeen she lost control of her wolf during her first time having sex and bit Mac, a human she has known and cared about her whole life. This action changed her life forever, forcing her to run along with the two men she has always considered her brothers.

MacKenzie (Mac) Frazer has loved Tala his entire life. Ever since he tried to protect her from being bullied by some boys when they were both five years old, Tala has always enchanted him. However, when they were seventeen that all changed, the enchantment was still there the first time they had sex together, but it also changed the dynamics of their relationship and not necessarily for the better, at least at first.

There is a part of Mac that is furious with Tala and has been for years. Ever since they had sex when they were seventeen, Mac has had terrible headaches and a strange tattoo on his wrist. Some of his pain is alleviated when Tala begins making visits to him, visits that involve them having explosive sex. But…it does not seem to mean the same thing to Tala that it does to him because once the sex is over, Tala disappears, sometimes for a year or more at a time. Each time she returns, they have explosive sex again, and then Tala leaves again. However, this time Mac has decided it is going to be different, this time he is not going to allow Tala to just walk away. You see, he has been doing some research in classified government files, and he believes he has discovered Tala’s secret, that she is a werewolf and that he is her mate. This time he decides he is going to take matters into his own hands. Only he has no idea that his actions will set in motion events that could cause not only his own death, but Tala’s and everyone that she is trying to protect as well. Will Mac and Tala be able to stay alive and protect those they care most for? Or will their enemies win?

Wow! Alpha’s Flame is one of the best werewolf romances I have read in a very long time. The world building is extraordinary and very different from most werewolf romances. I really liked how the author was able to keep me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. At no time was I able to figure out what was going on until the very end. That does not happen often. The love scenes are scorching and let us just say that I missed a few hours of sleep between this and the great storyline itself. I loved the punch line which for obvious reasons I will not state here as it would be a spoiler, but it leads into the next book and I for one cannot wait. Just let me say that the punch line is a doozy and makes this book well worth reading. If you want to read a really stellar and unique werewolf romance then I highly recommend Alpha’s Flame by Antoinette Turner. Pick up your copy today you will not be sorry!

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