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Bad Oak Boys

Book 1: Rock Star Baby
Book 2: Alpha Shaman
Book 3: Wulfgang
Book 4: Lone Wolf

Bad Oak Boys, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781772336511
January 2016
Evernight Publishing
157 Pages
Paranormal, Gay, Erotic, Shifters/Vampires
Rating: 5 Cups

Josh Oakly is second in his family rock band Bad Oak, and like his older brother and head of the band Ryan, a werewolf. Less than enamored to discover there are werewolf genes in the family, and that he has a mate out there who can trigger them, Josh has apparently already met his mate because he is having dreams of running as a wolf, and waking up with wolf hair around him. This means he is at least partially shifting in his sleep. Desperate to get control and not turn wolfy on stage, Josh calls Ryan. Unfortunately, Ryan’s solution is to send Gerulf, their Alpha Shaman in training. A man who Josh only remembers as the snot nosed teen who tried to challenge Bardulf, Ryan’s mate when he and Ryan became Alpha mates and took over the pack.

Gerulf does not like remembering how he behaved towards his Alphas when he was younger. Fortunately for him, Shaman Ralph saw his potential and took him under his wing, training him for the last few years to take over as Shaman of the pack when he is gone. Gerulf loves Ralph and considers him his grandfather. The older Shaman does not blame Gerulf for his past and has helped him work to be a better person. So, when both Shaman Ralph and Ryan ask him to go Ryan’s brother Josh who is having trouble controlling his wolf and help him, he does not believe he is the right man for the job. Still, he knows it is his job as the next Alpha Shaman and goes to Florida to try and help.

Josh is stunned at how handsome Gerulf has become and discovers right away that he is not the rebellious teen any longer. The attraction he has to Gerulf is very strong and his wolf definitely agrees. However, Gerulf has never been attracted to a man before, and has no intention of acting on the freaky attraction both he and his wolf seem to have to the sexy rocker. Fortunately, genetics and Mother Nature have their own ideas about what Josh and Gerulf are to each other. Unfortunately, they do not have much time to enjoy the changes, and their new relationship because disaster strikes causing Josh and Gerulf to have to return to Forst Pack. An enemy is stalking Forst Pack, as well as, Josh and Gerulf. Will they be able to defeat this enemy who has been lying in wait, waiting for just the right moment to attack for decades?

All I can say is WOW! Absolutely adored this sequel to Rock Star Baby! Ms. Leaf has done it again and I cannot wait for Book 3. The romance between Josh and Gerulf is hot enough to singe eyebrows, and the love scenes are emotional and sexy. The world building just keeps getting better and better, and it was so cool getting to see characters from the first book and how they are evolving along with the story line in this book. The suspense is off the charts as well, as Josh and Gerulf and their pack try to find and defeat their enemy. The hints we get about Ryan and Josh’s cousins in this book are enough to make this reader salivate for the next installment of Bad Oak Boys. Quite simply, if you loved the first book, then you are going to be screaming for the next one by the time you finish Alpha Shaman. I for one cannot wait, just stellar writing all the way around. This one is a keeper for sure!

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