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Kaska Pack, Book 1
ISBN: 9781772330885
October 30, 2014
Evernight Publishing
125 pages
Erotica Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Gale Brooks is a happy college student, until the day her life gets turned inside out. Her brother Paul is targeted by the alpha of her step father’s shifter Elk herd for being homosexual and is brutally attacked by their enforcers and nearly killed. Gale and her family are forced to flee to Canada. Luckily, her future mate is right around the corner!

After a tragic car accident that claimed the lives of Alphy’s parents, he has to take guardianship over his younger siblings. Being an alpha, he cannot stay in their sleuth, so they travel to Canada to live with their great aunt. When his bear discovers their new home and shortly afterwards his mate, he instantly accepts the territory as his.

After Alphy and Gale meet and realize they are mates, Alphy decides to build his own pack, inviting his friends to join them in Canada. It does not take long for the Elk herd to discover the location and make attempts on their life. Alphy must learn how to run a new pack and be with his mate, plus raise his siblings. Gale has to learn to cope with all the changes taking place plus the stress of the violence taking place around her.

While I enjoyed the story, I was not fond of the wording. The sentences were short and blunt, leaving little detail and choppy phrasing. I am not a fan of corny relationships or story lines, and unfortunately the story had both. The characters referred to each other as “Poopsy” and “Honey-Bear” and the mention of bear words while in the throes of passion, den and honey-pot for example, was not my cup of tea. The writing felt immature, but the premise of the story had promise and I would love to see the author developed over time.

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