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  The Lost Collection
  Book 1 - Beaumonts' Brand by Lana Dare (M/F/M)
  Book 2 - Kat Rides the Iron Men by Christine Michaels (M/M/F)
  Book 3 - Annie Gets Her Gunmen by Larissa Stone (M/F/M)
  Book 4 - Ella's Desire by Brandi Maxwell (M/F/M/M)
  Book 5 - Love Under Two Gunslingers by Cara Covington (M/F/M)
  Book 6 - The Gold Digger by Josie Hunter (M/F/M)
  Book 7 - Her Vigilante Passion by Bonnie Parker (M/F/M)
  Book 8 - Sarasota Steam by Tessa Monroe (M/M/F)
  Book 9 - Anna Rides the Desperados by Christine Michaels (M/M/F)
  Book 10 - The Railroad Baroness by Jayne Douglas(M/F/M)
  Book 11 - Amanda's Texas Rangers by Lana Dare (M/F/M)
  Book 12 - The Good, the Bad, and the Naughty by Jessica Frost (M/F/M)
  Book 13 - Love Under Two Lawmen by Cara Covington (M/M/F)
  Book 14 - Colleen's Desire by Brandi Maxwell (M/F/M)

The Lost Collection
ISBN: 1606019317
July 2010
Siren Publishing
219 Pages
Erotic Historical Western
Rating: 4 Cups

Amanda Keller was staking out Rafael Perez, a vicious outlaw, when she was attacked from behind. When she saw it was Texas Rangers who had pulled her back, she was still furious but refused to explain what she was doing there.

Zane Owens notices the sexy woman right away. There is just something about a woman holding a rifle.

Randall “Rand” Sloane finds out real quick what a hot little temper Amanda has. It makes him want to spank her and do other more interesting things to her.

Amanda realizes that Zane and Rand want to become her lovers and more. She is not sure about it, never having heard of such a thing, but the thought intrigues her and sends chills down her body. Even as she continues to enjoy the sensual delights the two sexy rangers introduce her to, the thought of how much danger they are in plagues her. When Rafael shows back up with the help of an unseen enemy, it has Amanda, Zane, and Rand fighting for those they love in the hopes of being able to profess it at the end of the day.

Ms. Dane knows how to write a very enticing piece; one that will get you all hot and bothered and leave you aching for more. Amanda’s Texas Rangers pits a sassy and vibrant woman against two alpha males who are used to dominating their women. It is such a thrill to see Amanda go head to head with the two rangers and usually come out on top. With the spicy sex scenes added in, this is a sure bet for a great read; one that will leave you breathless and achy. It makes you want to go out and get a couple of your own Texas Rangers to see if they can fulfill your needs just as well as Zane and Rand fulfill Amanda’s.

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