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ISBN: 978-0-9787738-7-8
May 2009
Whimsical Publications, LLC
Trade Paperback
232 Pages
Romance / Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Virtually nothing in this world holds any meaning for Jaide Sideth, aside from a tiny red flower called an amaranth. Any feelings he may have been born with were beat and tortured out of him by the Rezzegard; survival by stone cold determination is all he knows.

She may be a princess by birthright, but Amara of Catlaan is the antitheses of pampered and coddled. She delights in running wild through her father’s kingdom and is nearly as skilled as any of his royal guard.

Jaide takes on a job that he finds only slightly more annoying than usual. Kidnapping is not his forte, but killing is. Solitude is his only comfort, so finding himself as captor to a very outspoken and devilishly feisty princess tests his very last nerve. Amara knows only one way to live her life, and that is to find any amount of joy or peace she can in any given situation. Jaide proves to be her toughest challenge yet, but the deeper she delves into his blackened heart, the more she enlightens his aching soul.

For a fantasy novel, this book holds a wealth of truth and emotion. The desperation and pain that radiates from Jaide literally makes your heart hurt. Amara is very much his equal as well as his opposite, and it is her strength of spirit that cracks his soul wide open, allowing the readers into his heart. It is painful to watch a man lose control of who and what he is, but by the eloquently written words of Ms. Robertson, you are given a rare glimpse into an amazing transformation.

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