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ISBN# (10) 0-8439-6421-9, (13) 978-0-6439-6421-9
Dorchester Publishing
290 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

A Christmas Carroll

Rebecca Thompson was the head mistress of the Athens Academy. She is feeling very melancholy this holiday season because the person she believes to be her true love is in love with someone else.

Vicar Michael Carroll is also feeling a little melancholy this holiday season. The woman who has always been the one for him has been pining away for another man for more years the Michael would wish to count.

The spirits are up to some mischief this holiday season. With a little help from the other world, is it possible for Michael and Rebecca to finally find everything they have been wishing for? For these two to finally find their hearts desire and true love it is going to take a huge leap of faith. Will they survive to come out safe and happy on the other side or are they too old and to set in their ways?

This story is about lost loves, second chances, and Christmas miracles. I very much enjoyed reading about Rebecca and Michael, but I had the feeling there was a story before this one that should have been addressed a little bit better in this book. Other then feeling a little lost at times because there is a back story that was not very well explained, this was a wonderful story. It had all the charm and Christmas spirit of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. It is well worth the read.

The Worth of a Sylph

Sally lives with her family in a small town and helps her brother at the inn. She has one son and is worried about him because he has run off with a group of bandits that are attacking several of the villages in the area.

Mace is a battle Sylph living in Sylph valley. He has been sent on a mission to retrieve a young run away boy by his master, Lilly.

Mace cannot believe that he has run into Sally again after all these years and now while he is on a mission for his current mistress. Mace is going to have to make some tough choices if things are to ever work out for him and Sally. First of all he is going to have to go up against some very rough bandits to save not only the runaway boy from his village but Sally’s son as well. Can Mace achieve all of this or will all be lost?

This is another magical tale of Christmas hope that will fill your heart with warmth and joy. What a wonderfully well-crafted tale of lost loves and second chances. L.J. McDonald has done a great job of crafting this world for her characters. Mace is an amazing lead male character that will have every woman wishing for her own battle sylph. This is definitely a story that is worth the read.

The Crystal Crib

Sonja has journeyed to Iceland in hopes of landing a major account for her aunt’s travel business. She has no idea just how much her life is about to change.

Vidar is the owner of Santa’s Magical Wonderland. Vidar cannot believe that Sonja has finally arrived and is standing before him.

Sonja has no idea the obstacles she is about to face and just what she is going to have to overcome. With the help of Vidar, Sonja begins her journey of self discovery. Can Vidar protect Sonja from her own past, present and future, or will it be her undoing? It is going to take all of Sonja’s courage to face her past and find her happily ever after.

Take a journey with Sonja to the frozen land of Iceland and be whisked away into a magical Christmas tale of second chances and love. This wonderful tale is full of magic hope and love. Helen Scott Taylor does an excellent job of writing this beautiful Christmas time story. If you crave love, adventure and the magic of Christmas this is the story for you.

Three magical stories that blend the magic of the holiday season with love and adventure. These three authors have come together to write some really wonderful holiday stories. Each story has its own special magic sprinkled into it. Cozy up next to a warm fire and be prepared to find the magic of Christmas all over again.

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