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ISBN: 978-0-345-53476-7, 978-0-345-53477-4 (EB)
September 2013
Balantine Books
339 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Spending his days gambling, drinking, and generally carousing with women is a legacy George Upperton’s father proudly instilled in his son. This is probably why George is in the predicament he is in.

As the daughter of one of the most affluent families in society’s ton, Isabelle Mears should be dressed in the highest fashion, and pampered from head to toe. That life died the moment she let herself be ruined, and then found out she was with child.

Jack is now six years old, and every bit a rambunctious, rowdy little boy, yet Isabelle would sell her soul if it means getting her son back. Despite having just met Isabelle, George is ready and willing to drop everything to help get Jack back in her arms. The feelings George is having for Isabelle are a little terrifying, although he has more than enough problems right now without adding hers to the mix. And one of those problems is something he is quite sure Isabelle will have serious issue over.

A missing child is not exactly the easiest plot choice to make when it comes writing a romance, although it seems to work in this instance. George’s help in searching for Jack, as well as his need to make good on a friend’s debts, firmly establishes his character, even though you know he has problems of his own. He is wonderfully charming, in a self-deprecating, often bumbling way, which I feel keeps this story from getting too dark and ominous. He and Isabelle are great match of wits and passion, always giving as good as they get.

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