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ISBN: 1607495279
June 2009
Publish America
94 Pages
Rating: 1 Cup

Hank Page is a murderer. He revels in the feeling of power he gets by playing with his victims’ lives.

Hanna is a woman who finds joy in all of her surroundings. Considering she is working two jobs, one of which is as a stripper, to pay for medical care for her family, she should be in the pits of despair.

Hank felt such a rush when he pushed the lonely victim over the cliff. After that came more bloody victims with enough gore to garner attention from the media. As the body count rises, Hank proceeds to ponder why he loves to kill so much especially since he had a happy childhood and a stable home. Then he meets Hanna and the voice inside of him that usually screams for blood is suddenly quiet. Can the beautiful stripper calm the killer or will she be his next target?

I wanted to enjoy A Murderer’s Tale but I just could not. There were so many instances of past and present tense within the novel that I could not tell if I was watching Hank retell his story or if I was seeing it as it was happening. There were also pointless pieces of information that had no place in the book and just seemed to make the story drag on. The enjoyment Hank seemed to get from the killings made absolutely no sense to me, and it was never explained, which left me baffled as to why he became a murderer in the first place. Mr. Dalton may have been trying to write a novel that included a ghoulish tale of a murderer that I would enjoy but instead it left me flat.

Caution: This tale contains many spelling and grammar errors which I feel will pull the reader’s eyes from the story itself and instead have them focusing on the many areas that need to be fixed throughout this novel.

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