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The Matchmaker, Book 1
ISBN# (13)9780345532220/6(13)9780345532237
30 October 2012
Ballantine Books
320 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Gladys Burger is uncertain if the matchmaking career is for her. Her Grandma Zelda is convinced Gladie has the gift, but Gladie just cannot be sure. Grandma always seems to “know” when two people are perfect for each other. In fact, Grandma’s sixth sense is almost never wrong about anything.

When a hottie, named Holden, moves in next door, Grandma announces that Gladie has found her first client. Too bad Gladie would rather keep Holden to herself, rather than fix him up with someone else. Things would have been great save for the murder across the street. Now Gladie’s sixth sense seems to be stuck in “whodunit” mode.

Gladie lands right smack in the middle of the murdered man’s insane family drama, complete with a secret past, illicit affairs and generations old hatred. Her predicament gains the attention of Spencer, the good-looking new Police Chief, and suddenly she is bombarded with male attention. With everything else going on, Gladie almost screws up her first chance at actually matching her first pair of lovebirds. Being a matchmaker is trickier than one might have imagined.

The new Matchmaker series by Ms. Sax promises to mix fun and quirky humor with great drama. Gladie is an adorable heroine, with a penchant for junk food and meddling. The lively secondary cast is far more than background, with vivid personalities and complex stories that promise plenty of future action. Though the first person narrative is at times just a tad difficult to follow, readers will be richly rewarded with a fantastic Scooby Doo twist ending.

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