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ISBN# 9781603949972
July 2012
KK and M
253 Pages
Paranormal Ménage Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Abby Reynolds is a veterinarian who works at a big cat sanctuary in Texas. She loves the animals and seems to be able to communicate with the big cats.

Damian is a shape-shifting tiger whose parents were killed. He and his sister were captured and abused by their captors and now only he is left. He is angry at both the horrible men who caged him and the male tiger who was also held in the same place.

Konar is also a shape-shifting tiger captured for an unsuccessful breeding operation. He knows he can shift from tiger to human, but has no idea how to be human. Two tigers are brought to Abby’s sanctuary in terrible condition. She is unusually drawn to the two big cats. A terrible storm and flood strands Abby with these two who were inadvertently left behind. She soon finds out they are not ordinary tigers, but they are not ready to be sent out into the world as men either.

The author has an interesting concept with this story. The ideal of a woman teaching two tiger shifters how to get along with each other and to function in the human world is an intriguing one. The ménage situation also has a great deal of potential, but I had a difficult time getting past the fact that, in human years, the two male love interests are little more than toddlers. The author’s tiger society is well thought out and the plot full of exciting and suspenseful twists and turns with an erotically charged love story. Konar and Damian are very attractive alpha heroes and Abby is a sympathetic and strong heroine. It might have been better if the tigers aged at a more human rate.

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