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ISBN #978-0-345-53813-0
October 30, 2012
Ballantine Books
256 Pages
Inspirational Holiday Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Jennie Davis is struggling to keep her family together. The economy stinks, and her husband Shep cannot seem to keep a job. Then one of Shep’s relatives passes away and leaves them a house and business in Lancaster County. Jennie and Shep snatch up the new opportunity without a second thought.

The struggling family learns right away that all is not as picturesque as they had thought. The house is falling down around their ears, and the bicycle shop is old an outdated. Jennie struggles to manage her two teenage children’s instant dislike of their new surroundings and Shep’s insistence that she remain a stay at home mom. The only bright spot in Jennie’s new situation is the Amish family living close by.

Inspired by the quiet perseverance and innovative nature of her Amish friends, Jennie launches a home-based candy making venture. Shep disapproves, but Jennie knows the new idea can save her relationship with her children and their family finances. As the family begins to rally behind the new enterprise, Jennie discovers the strength to face her past in a way she never thought possible.

This inventive twist on an Amish story is well worth picking up. Readers will be drawn into struggle right along with Jennie as she balances her home and family finances in a new place. Complete with a surprise twist ending, this heartwarming tale is a welcome addition to any library. This is definitely more than your typical Amish story.

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