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The Hillary Greene Mystery Series

Book 1: A Narrow Escape
Book 2: On the Straight and Narrow
Book 3: Narrow is the Way
Book 4: By a Narrow Majority
Book 5: Through a Narrow Door
Book 6: With a Narrow Blade
Book 7: Beside a Narrow Stream
Book 8: Down a Narrow Path
Book 9: Across a Narrow Blue Line
Book 10: A Narrow Point of View
Book 11: A Narrow Exit
Book 12: A Narrow Return
Book 13: A Narrow Margin of Error
Book 14: Walk a Narrow Mile

A Hillary Greene Mystery, Book 13
ISBN#: 9780373269327
February 2015
Worldwide Library
$7.99 US / $8.99 CAN
252 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Being back in the game, even as a civilian consultant, is much more to Hillary Greene’s liking. She loves the thrill of the chase, even if the cases she sees now are years old and mostly forgotten.

Despite his initial misgivings, detective superintendent Steven Crayle knows how lucky he is to have such an amazing investigator on his team. The fact that she is as beautiful as she is smart is something he will just have to deal with.

The Crime Review Team, with retired DI Hillary Greene as its lead investigator is just coming off its first success when another file lands in their lap. A decade has passed since young college student Rowan Thompson was murdered, but with no real leads and even fewer motives CRT has its work cut out for them. While trying to ferret out some inkling of who could be responsible Hillary is also dealing with an escalating stalker. She and Steven come up with a plan to flush him out, but the risk of it backfiring is growing by the minute.

The pace throughout this story, as well as the series in general, steadily builds until you are practically racing to the finish. Hillary’s character is a wonderful mix of maturity and intelligence, with just enough softness and humor to really make you like her. I also enjoy the burgeoning relationship between her and Steven, and how the author seamlessly blends it into the storyline. Finding out what happens next makes book 14 a must have.

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