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ISBN: 9781603946186
August 2010
New Concepts Publishing
122 Pages
Futuristic Vampire Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

The Hardigan clan, of the alien planet Zogone, had been targeted by the Puritan Vampire for centuries. Although they had finally destroyed the vampire’s body, the family is worried that his tortured spirit will attack them from the grave. When a DNA trace indicator of the evil Puritan Vampire is discovered in a neighboring galaxy, General Jomafash Hardigan (Josh) follows the DNA trace signal to its source.

Instead of the Puritan Vampire Josh discovers Snow, a beautiful witch, and Jade, her half-vampire sister. Jade’s mother, who is slowly dying from a blood infection, had been another of the Puritan Vampire’s victims. Josh is attracted to Snow who shares his interest, but his responsibilities stand between them.

The witch/vampire Jade has lived in fear that her blood lust will overwhelm her defenses and cause her to harm someone. When Josh offers her a chance for a cure, she leaves her home planet accompanied by Snow. On Zogone the shy Jade meets Borus and the two embark on a quest to discover the last child of the Puritan Vampire and put to rest the Puritan Vampire’s spirit.

Ancient Enemies opened with a prologue that was a confusing narrative of five centuries of the Hardigan clan’s troubles with the Puritan Vampire. Although not listed as a part of a series or family saga, Ancient Enemies was difficult to follow as a stand alone novel. Several intriguing main characters and an interesting plot were overwhelmed by the presence of numerous secondary characters from the Hardigan clan. Finally, the ending was a cliff-hanger.

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