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ISBN#: 9781619353923
18th February 2014
Soul Mate Publishing
33 approx.
Science Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Icon is leader of the Martian Administrative council, his once childhood friend now rogue, Carnac, wants a seat on the council, but he knows that can never be, his heart and intentions are not pure, he sees only the power.

Carnac has long craved what Icon has, his position, his power. If he could just force the council's hand they would see that he is as important as Icon. Then everything would be his.

When a ship from Earth brings men to explore the red planet once again, Carnac believes this is his chance to move against the council. They will give him the seat he covets to save the humans.

This Martian world is painted in wonderful detail and the Martian's themselves a strong and, mostly, sharing race. This story will take you on a short trip into what is both the past and the future.

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