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ISBN: 9780307456113
January 6, 2010
Anchor /Penguin Random House, Inc.
Trade Paperback
400 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Kit Noonan is an unemployed art historian with a family to support, but is finding himself stuck. His wife tells him in order to move forward he needs to make peace with the mystery of his biological father; A father he never knew.

With Kit's mother not giving much information to help his search, she wishes he would just let it go. Kit reaches out to his step-father in hopes that his mother perhaps once confided information to him about Kit's father.

With Kit's search for information starting in Vermont, he soon finds himself meeting eccentric people that knew his father. He finds the answers he was looking for, but maybe not in the way he expected. Kit soon realizes that his wife just might have been making a lot of sense when she pushed him into this search.

This was a heartfelt and touching read. Kit's journey was not the only one embarked on in this story, There were many the reader will enjoy. I love how the story is written in sections from the different perspectives of key characters resulting in seeing the journey from many different angles.

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