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ISBN#: 9780062356376/9780062356390
July 7, 2015
William Morrow
Hard Cover, E-Book
$25.99 (HC), $12.99 (EB)
400 Pages
Psychological Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Becoming a mother is all Adrienne can think about. It has been just out of reach for so long she can barely believe it is finally going to happen.

Gabe loves his wife so much it scares him sometimes. She is a force of nature when she is focused on something. He just wishes that focus were on him, not on having a baby.

In her heart Adrienne is absolutely certain Leah’s baby is the one. She has waited so long, and been through so much, there is no way this is not going to happen. Adopting Leah’s baby cannot come soon enough, even if Gabe is not quite as on board as she had hoped. He will come around. But if not, Adrienne has enough love for this baby for the both of them.

Having a child, whether naturally or through adoption, is a gift unlike anything else in the world. Which is why it is so hard to see Adrienne turn it into a war. Her all-consuming drive to have this baby brings out every conniving and combative trait in her personality. She and Gabe are growing farther and farther apart, but Adrienne sees nothing beyond her own need. In my opinion, Gabe has been completely bulldozed by Adrienne their whole relationship, only this time it may just bury him.

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