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An Erie Halloween
Book 1: Erie Series
Book 2: An Erie Operetta

Erie Series Book 2
ISBN #: 9781610408745
February 2015
Torquere Press
82 Pages
Erotic Gay Romance, Shapeshifters
Rating: 5 Cups

Templeton Reed is a skunk shifter. As one of the lesser shifters, he gets stuck with a job shuffling papers at OTTER, or Office for Transmogrification Registration. He lives with and loves another shifter Mikel Lupei, something that is forbidden in his world.

Mikel Lupei is the Alpha of the Lake Erie pack and also just happens to be gay. He loves Templeton, but they have to be careful because if their elders found out about them, they could be banished or worse killed.

When Mikel takes Templeton and his pack to an opera, Templeton is more than excited. Usually only the high class shifters like Mikel get to attend such events. Too bad that Templeton finds a body and not long after a vampire appears. The vampire in question sifts through Templeton’s brain and he is terrified the vampire will reveal his and Mikel’s secret. But the vampire, part of an elite group with OTTER has another idea in mind, like moving in with Mikel and the pack. Not a good idea when vampires and lupines have a long history of mutual hatred. Will Templeton and Mikel’s secret be revealed to those they most wish it would not? Who is murdering opera goers?

I have to say An Erie Operetta was nothing like I imagined, it was in fact so much more! I love shifter stories that do not follow the norm, and this one was so unique that I could not put it down. And after all who could resist a skunk shifter? Not me that is for sure! The world building in the story is fantastic, and the descriptions of winter in New England were so realistic I could feel the snow blowing on my face. I also loved the old world charm of the story and the characters were just fabulous and so well written and described. It was a real joy to read this book and I will be getting my copy of the first one where Mikel and Templeton meet, An Erie Halloween, because I felt a bit like I was missing some key information by not having read it first, though this in no way took away from this story.

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