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ISBN# unavailable
1st April 2010
Solstice Publishing
176 pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Emily Malone has had a difficult life. She was raised by her uncle and his girlfriend on a ranch in Texas after her parents died when she was ten. Then, when she was older and had moved to New York, she was raped. Two good things resulted from the attack; the man who found her became her best friend and she had a son, Andrew.

Austin has worked for Emily’s uncle for a few years and has helped him build a house for Emily to live in when she returns home with Andrew from New York.

Emily thinks it is best not to tell Austin about the rape until she is clear about his feelings for her. She does not want him to feel sorry for her but she knows he needs to understand before their relationship can fully develop.

Emily’s melodramatic life seems to go from one disaster to the next. From rape to fires and car accidents, her son even ends up in a coma. I was very disappointed by this story. From the beginning, it reads like something a primary school child would write, constantly repeating what has just been written. The story has no clear timeline and is full of contradictions; the basis for the story is more than a little farfetched and clearly needs more research.

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